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Edinburgh based supplier of machines and operators. A Digger & Driver Hire based in Edinburgh specialises in small plant and machinery hire. we dont simply give you a machine leaving you wondering what to do with it we go a step further and included in the price we hire that machine out with a operator. So you have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting a quility machine with an experienced operator. Our main aim is to deliver a high standard of service that is also done in the shortest possible time frame to help keep your costs down. We also strive to be Edinburghs #1 digger and operator service. Here at A Digger and Driver hire  we have more than 15 years of experiance operating heavy eqiuptment in the building trade so over that time we have established ourself as one of the top ground works in Edinburgh and its surrounds. Also in our 15 years we have built up many contacts in the building sector as well as many loyal customers who trust us to be their #1 choice. What seperates A Digger and Driver from the rest is the fact that most plant and machinery hirers only lease you the machine so your left scratching your head wondering how to work it, well hireing with us means that there is no time spent wasted getting to know how to work the machine and no time wasted getting the job done. not only is hiring a machine usualy more expensive it is much more stressfull and dangerous if you are operating it yourself that is why we think you should always hire a machine with an experinced operator. That is why we think you should always hire a machine from A Digger & Driver hire. For a free estimate please contact us.adiggerhire@hotmail.com

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